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Who are we? We are a center of early stimulation specialized in children from 0 to 2 years of age.
Our objective: To upgrade motor, language, social, physical, and emotional skills in our youngsters.
Our system: It is based upon five levels of group and individual development and learning where we place our children according to their level of maturity.
Our method: It is based upon three main aspects for the whole development of our children: game + music + discovery using the support of fun characters to achieve a unique interaction and thus support the process of meaningful learning.
Our technical-pedagogic basis: At the NC Gym each child is special and unique; and we thereby take into consideration their different types of intelligence and work under the multiple intelligence structure, identifying their strong and weak areas to achieve a wholesome development.
Our services:

  • Early stimulation
  • Prenatal stimulation
  • Aquatic stimulation
  • Didactic playroom
  • Psycopedagogical guidance (additional)
  • Parent Workshops (additional)
  • Parent and children workshops (additional)

Starters: 45 days to 3 months
Discoveres: 3 to 6 months
Explorers: 6 to 9 months
Crawlers: 9 to 12 months
Active: 12 to 18 months
Creative: 18 to 24 months


“We receive young children and bring up men with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to face the world.”

By means of individual attention and in an environment of care, trust and confidence, we guide our students through the path of “learning-to-be”, resulting in happy children and active learners who conduce their own learning through the development of their emotional, social and multiple skills.

Our children display their thinking, reasoning and creativity in a meaningful and joyful learning process.

They strengthen their character education through reflexive, systematic learning programs and application.

Resources that make us special:

  • Mastering of reading and writing skills
  • Math skills
  • Work corners
  • Workshops to develop Emotional Intelligence
  • Cooking lessons (to develop skills, good nutrition and values)
  • Didactic playroom
  • All subjects in English
  • Structure of Intellect Skills (Habil System – Dr. Isauro Blanco)
  • Group assemblies and plays
  • Assisted homework services
  • Parent Workshops
  • Tutorials
  • Art
  • Sports


  • 2 years – Nursery
  • 3 years – Pre-Kinder
  • 4 years – Kinder
  • 5 years – Pre-First
  • 6 years – First


Our Elementary School at New Continent offers fully bilingual education focused on students’ wellbeing, their happiness, their learning and the development of skills and values necessary to successfully face our demanding world of constant innovation and improvement.

As the second step in our students learning process, we continue with the ongoing task of taking our students through “learning to be”, “learning to do” and “learning to learn” processes by means of cutting edge programs and methods that lead them o achieve high levels of meaningful learning as well as the development of their multiple intelligence and thinking skills to bring about critical judgment, reasoning, analysis, and problem solution in a friendly and caring environment.

We enhance their will by strengthening their intelligence, social kills and values.


We consider as essential aspects in our strategies:

  • To form competent readers, both in Spanish and in English
  • To develop critical thinking skills
  • To stimulate logic through challenges applied in everyday life.
  • To develop research and study skills.
  • To achieve cooperative, meaningful and constructivist learning.
  • To systematize the processes of intelligence.
  • To manage and develop Emotional and Multiple Intelligence.
  • To establish the foundation of basic education = HABITS of order, punctuality, behavior, neatness, responsibility, achievement, respect, etc.
  • To help students obtain an education in moral VALUES to interact and coexist with others.


  • Didactic playroom learning
  • Team work
  • Art
  • Computer Science
  • After School Sports
  • Intercontinental events
  • Emotional Intelligence Workshop
  • Parents Workshops (Dr. Isauro Blanco Pedraza)
  • Plays and presentations
  • Tutorials
  • Assisted homework services


New Continent School offers a space to develop our teenager potentials and channel their energy by binding them to the new century technology and providing them with the tools that will make them display the necessary skills in problem solution through guided alternatives by an excellent group of professionals in search of educational innovation.

We ensure an environment at the level of modern society where the youngsters receive programs for the development of their social skills which will turn them into cheerful, optimistic, and self confident beings.  We offer programs that will help them develop their communicative skills in English and Spanish at international levels.  We are supported by years of experience and by the success of our graduates which confirms the above.


Freedom and full responsibility, totally supported by honesty, productivity and happiness, favor an environment to develop our students natural skills oriented towards a complete baccalaureate focused to give easy access to national or international universities or colleges.

At this age, students lively adapt their behavior to the circumstances without giving up their criteria of personal action and based in respect for differences considered as areas of opportunity to decide their professional future.

As part of their experience and to give them a stand at international, individual and group levels, we include in their curriculum programs of social and cultural exchanges to France and Italy which strengthen their academic excellence and practice of human virtues.

Why choose New Continent School High School?

  • Because our graduates are accepted with good results in admission exams of all universities.
  • Because we have a European Accreditation in Quality Education
  • Because of our teachers’ profiles: successful professionals who provide tuition by linking it to reality.
  • Because of the  exchanges with schools in France and Italy where students attend classes and coexist with families
  • Because our students graduate fully bilingual and with a good use of a third language.